June 8, 2015

Managed IT Services

So what are managed IT services?

managedITIt is the outsourcing of your IT department, in a strategic move to reduce expenses, and increase productivity.

The proof is in the numbers as they say, and time and time again, research has proven that moving to Managed IT Services is a smart decision in today’s highly tech dependent business world.  The expense associated with internally staffing one single IT person on site, with benefits, vacation, etc. can easily cost a company upwards of $100,000/year.

With a managed service contract, you have access to multiple points of contact, an average response time of 20minutes to any issue, not to mention the expertise of over 60 years experience with IT under one roof.

We like to keep it friendly, honest, and personal.  You will never call our help desk and talk to a person that does not work for us.

At Reliable, our motto is “There are no problems, only solutions”

We provide a high level IT support system that is adaptable with the needs of the organization.

Simply put, our focus is YOU and the needs of your COMPANY.

Our specialties include:

  • Church Systems and Religious Education

    • ACS Systems
    • PDS Programming
    • Wireless Network Design, Implementation, and Maintenance
    • Mobile and Portable device management
    • IT security, and policy defined content management
    • SMART Product placement, and support
    • Network Design and Re-Design
    • E-Rate assistance
  • Medical

    • Wireless Network Surveys, and Management
    • HIPPAA Compliance
    • Allscripts
    • MiSys Tiger
    • eClinicalWorks
    • File Security
    • On and Off-site Secure Backups with Rapid Recovery
  • Farm Bureaus

    • PCMars
    • LaCerte
    • Terminal Services for Remote Work
    • Regional and Statewide Network and Server management
  • Elementary Schools

    • Wireless Network Surveys, and Implementation
    • E-Rate Assistance
    • Network Development and Management
    • Mobile and Portable device management
    • AeroHive
    • Content management and filtering
  • Medium Size Production Companies

    • GreatPlains Microsoft Dynamics
    • SQL Database Server management
    • Virtual Machines
    • Remote Connections
    • Network Development and Design
    • On and Off-site backups with Rapid Recovery