Microsoft Begins Making Progress On Nadella’s Broad Security Vision

 Last fall, Mr. Nadella came to Washington and in a comprehensive speech the Microsoft CEO laid out Microsoft’s broad vision for security in the enterprise. Today, the company made a series of announcements in a lengthy blog post from Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer Brett Arsenault that starts to bring that vision into clearer focus. It’s probably not a… Read[…]


IoT Could Be Used To Spy, Admits James Clapper

 The latest high profile individual to debunk the notion that surveillance is at risk of ‘going dark’ in an age of increasingly robust encryption is none other than James Clapper, U.S. director of national intelligence himself. Read More Source: New Tech Gear

Repairing Your iPhone Home Button From An Unofficial Repair Shop Can Brick Your Phone

 Going to an unauthorized Apple technician to repair your home button can cost you a lot of money. On Friday, The Guardian reported that thousands of iPhone users encountered a mysterious “Error 53” error due to a new security feature to protect your Touch ID data. This error renders your iPhone useless as it bricks[…]

IoT Security Turned Into An ‘I Spy’ Educational Book For Kids

 Security can be a very dry and impenetrable topic. But if the steady creep of connected devices into people’s homes and day-to-day routines continues there’s arguably going to need to be a very broad effort to widen awareness of potential privacy risks. Read More Source: New Tech Gear


Social Engineering – Hacking the Human Mind

Today, there are more hack attempts than ever before.  We are in the information age, where the collection and analysis of information is among the most valued possessions in the tech world.  As mentioned in previous posts, many companies are utilizing bots and other computer software to build individual personality profiles to target specific markets and increase[…]


8 Trends to watch in Technology for 2016

Ever watched technology grow and ask yourself, “how did I miss that?” I know plenty of times I have found myself wondering how I didn’t see things like cell phone watches, or multi display computers becoming the norm. Here at Reliable Computer Services we have compiled a nifty prediction of 8 trends to look for in technology[…]


Win 10 Auto-Upgrade

  In October, Microsoft announced that they had accidentally enabled the automatic upgrade to Windows 10 in the Windows Update control panel. For some Windows 7 and 8 users, this caused an unintentional OS upgrade; the upgrade occurs when other updates are installed. As a result, some Windows users are contacting Reliable Computers for help.[…]


Apple’s Mobile Store – latest Hack Attack

Apple confirmed late Sunday that hackers have managed to infect a number of iPhone and iPad apps in the first major attack on the company’s App Store. The company said it has removed some malicious programs after hackers apparently convinced developers to use counterfeit Apple software for creating apps. Security researchers say an older version[…]


Data Pirates – They’re a real thing…

“The data kept by a small or midsize business is no less mission critical than that of an enterprise — but too often that information is not secured nearly as well. That’s largely because of ignorance about security and concerns about cost.”                    — Jennifer Bosavage   In the small to mid-sized business world, security is[…]