C-Way Is An Apple Watch For Kids

 While wandering the Eureka Park floor at CES, we ran into C-Way, a cool French startup that is making GPS-enabled smart watches for kids. So what exactly does a smart watch for kids do? Well first off, it helps parents keep track of their kid’s location. By embedding a GPS sensor in the device, parents can open[…]


Google And Amazon Talk About Managing Drone Traffic At CES

 Figuring out how to manage drone traffic over the United States to allow for drone delivery services and other drone-based service is going to be critical if Amazon and Google ever want to deliver packages to the backyards of their customers. Earlier this week, Amazon’s VP of Global Public Policy Paul Misener and Dave Vos, Google’s lead[…]

Endless Has Built A $79 PC For The Offline World

 There are affordable computers, there are cheap computers and then there’s the Endless Mini, which is available for as little as $79. “Everybody in the world deserves the option to have a computer,” said Endless CEO and Chief of Product Matt Dalio. In other words, Endless is building Linux-based computers for people who have never owned a[…]