The Apple Watch Is On Sale Again, But It Doesn’t Mean A Watch 2 Is Coming Just Yet

 The Apple Watch is now available with a $100 discount at Best Buy, B&H and possibly other stores. For instance, the 38mm Sport model now costs $249 and the 42mm version costs $299. You might think that it means that the Apple Watch 2 is right around the corner, but it’s unlikely. Read More […]


How Apple Can Improve Its Watch And Boost Sales

 Apple isn’t releasing exact sales numbers, but some expert digging has led many to believe that sales of the Apple Watch haven’t reached expectations since its launch in spring 2015. The company’s annual filing suggested it sold $1.7 billion worth in fiscal 2015, but compare that with the iPhone, which sold $32.2 billion worth in[…]

Apple Watch Took Two-Thirds Of Smartwatch Market In 2015, Says Analyst

 Apple does not break out sales of its debut wearable, the Apple Watch, so it’s up to analysts to stump up the sales estimates — and the latest to do so, Canalys, reckons the Apple Watch accounted for two-thirds of the smartwatch market in 2015, with more than 12 million units shipped by its count[…]

Apple TV And Apple Watch (Probably) Had A Big Quarter

 Apple posted its quarterly earnings after the bell on Tuesday, showcasing record profits of $18.4 billion. While the release made it easy to determine that 74.8 million iPhones were sold, in line with analyst estimates, Apple’s “other” category makes it difficult to assess how many Apple Watches and TVs were purchased. Read More Source:[…]

The Apple Watch Hermès Collection Is Coming To Apple’s Website

 The Apple Watch Hermès has been a rare, expensive fashion accessory. Apple announced the limited edition and partnership at its conference in September and released the watch in October 2015. The only issue is that only a handful of stores in major cities are selling this watch. According to Fashionista, the watch will be available[…]

A Quick Tour Of Wearables In 2015

 Wearables had a varied year in 2015, with a lot of hype and a few big winners streaking ahead of the field, leaving plenty of also-rans struggling to stand out. It’s fair to say that the entire category is yet to prove whether it offers lasting utility or mere faddish novelty… Read More Source:[…]