How to make PC security alerts better? Make them twirl, jiggle

Have you ever ignored a security alert on your PC? You’re not the only one. The warnings are designed to save us from malware infections and hacking risks, but often times we’ll neglect them. It could be because we’re too busy or we’ve seen them too many times, and we’ve become conditioned to dismiss them[…]


Trump stresses cybersecurity but postpones executive order

U.S. President Donald Trump called on government agencies to better protect their networks, but he delayed signing an executive order to kick-start a government-wide review of cybersecurity policy. A draft copy of the order, leaked earlier, would give the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security 60 days to submit a list of recommendations to protect[…]

Google upgrades G Suite with tools for IT pros

Google today bolstered its G Suite of productivity apps with new controls and tools for IT professionals. G Suite administrators now have more access to control security key enforcement, data control with data loss prevention (DLP) for Google Drive and Gmail, and additional insights by connecting Gmail to BigQuery, Google’s enterprise data warehouse designed to[…]

RSA Conference Topic: Endpoint Security

As the calendar shifts from January to February, cybersecurity professionals are gearing up for the RSA Security Conference in a few short weeks.  Remarkably, the management team is expecting more than 50,000 attendees this year!  So, what can we expect from RSA 2017?  Well, cybersecurity is being driven by dangerous threats, digital transformation, and the[…]

Harbinger of The Great Internet Wall arrives

By Presidential proclamation, non-U.S. citizens’ data is in jeopardy.  An executive order by President Trump could hurt a data transfer framework that allows EU citizens’ personal information to be transmitted to the U.S. for processing with the promise that the data would have the same privacy protection in the U.S. as it has in the[…]

Facebook tries to revamp password recovery by supplanting email

Forgot your password? Well, Facebook wants to help you recover your internet account. The company is releasing an open source protocol that will let third-party sites recover user accounts through Facebook. Typically, when people forget their password to a site, they’re forced to answer a security question or send a password reset request to their email.[…]

IDG Contributor Network: How to practice cybersecurity (and why it's different from IT security)

Keeping companies safe from attackers is no longer just a technical issue of having the right defensive technologies in place. To me, this is practicing IT security, which is still needed but doesn’t address what happens after the attackers infiltrate your organization (and they will, despite your best efforts to keep them out). I’m trying[…]

Spear phishing tough to block, even when using automation tools

Trying to filter out phishing emails is tough work, even for organizations trying to find a better way through automation, according to a new study from security software company GreatHorn. The company makes software that seeks out phishing attempts and can autonomously block them, but even its customers don’t switch on all the features, according[…]

Ransomware disrupts Washington DC's CCTV system

About 70 percent of the cameras hooked up to the police’s closed-circuit TV (CCTV) system in Washington, D.C., were reportedly unable to record footage for several days before President Trump’s inauguration due to a ransomware attack. The attack affected 123 of the 187 network video recorders that form the city’s CCTV system, the Washington Post reported[…]