Black Hat security conference trims insecure features from its mobile app

Black Hat has disabled features of its mobile application because attackers could have logged in as legitimate attendees, posted messages in their names and spied on the messages they sent. The problem was discovered by mobile security vendor Lookout who detail the problem in a blog that says the method of registration and password resets[…]


IDG Contributor Network: Attack attribution does little to improve enterprise security

After every major data breach, the security community engages in a game of whodunit and attempts to figure out what entity or nation state carried out the attack. The North Koreans were behind the Sony breach, while China carried out the attack on the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). Meanwhile, hackers linked to the Iranian[…]

WikiLeaks' methods questioned by whistleblower Edward Snowden

Former U.S. National Security Agency contractor, Edward Snowden, has censured WikiLeaks’ release of information without proper curation. On Thursday, Snowden, who has embarrassed the U.S. government with revelations of widespread NSA surveillance, said that WikiLeaks was mistaken in not at least modestly curating the information it releases. “Democratizing information has never been more vital, and[…]

FBI said to investigate possible hack of another Democratic Party organization

The FBI is said to be investigating yet another suspected hack of a Democratic Party organization, this time of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee that raises funds for Democrats running for the House of Representatives. The previously unreported hack of the DCCC is likely to have been aimed at gathering information on donors rather than[…]

Anticipating Black Hat

I was at CiscoLive a few weeks ago in the 100 degree+ heat of Las Vegas and like other cybersecurity professionals I am off to Sin City again next week for Black Hat. Now Black Hat has become a technically-focused little brother of the RSA Security Conference, chock full of cybersecurity geeks at the beginning[…]

Google beefs Linux up kernel defenses in Android

Future versions of Android will be more resilient to exploits thanks to developers’ efforts to integrate the latest Linux kernel defenses into the operating system. Android’s security model relies heavily on the Linux kernel that sits at its core. As such, Android developers have always been interested in adding new security features that are intended[…]